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Body of a Spartan by Victor Pride

By Victor Pride

BoldAndDetermined.com writer Victor Pride's consultant to bodybuilding process, frame of mind and diet.
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Page 45 Pictured: Dumbbell Flies Top Position Page 46 WEIGHTED PUSHUPS BETWEEN BENCHES (SUPPLEMENTAL) Weighted pushups between two benches is a man maker. They will develop the chest, shoulders, triceps and abdominals. Situate yourself between two benches, have your gym partner or a random gym-goer place a weight on top of your back and perform as many pushups as you can. Aim for 3 sets of as many repetitions as you can do. Pictured: Weighted Pushups Between Two Benches Page 47 PULLUPS & CHINUPS (MAIN OR SUPPLEMENTAL) Pullups are must-do exercises for development of the back (lats) and the biceps.

Pictured: Pullovers Top Position Page 60 Pictured: Pullovers Bottom Position THE BACK The back is comprised of many different muscle groups. The back can be worked very, very frequently with many exercises. Many gym-goers conveniently forget to work their back because they cannot see it in a mirror. Don’t make that same mistake, a strong back is essential. You will need to work out your back muscles at least 3 times per week. Page 61 SHOULDER PRESSING Just like the other exercises on our list, there are many, many, many variations of the shoulder press.

In my opinion, pull-ups are much better for development than chin-ups. However, chin-ups should have a place in every mans routine. When you can perform 10-15 repetitions with ease you can add weight with a weight belt or a dumbbell between your feet. Page 49 PULLUP & CHINUP VARIATIONS Like all the other exercises on our list, pull-ups and chin-ups have many variations. Using the variations will help to develop tremendous strength and muscle. ROPE PULLUPS (SUPPLEMENTAL) Rope pull-ups will help with grip and hand strength along with back development.

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