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Blonde Ambition by Zoey Dean

By Zoey Dean

The 3rd novel during this witty and risqu? sequence takes readers behind the curtain of the intoxicating global of Hollywood glitterati. top East part blueblood Anna Percy got here to L.A. to profit find out how to have fun. Then Princeton prince Ben Birnbaum and his outstanding disappearing act grew to become out to be whatever yet. Anna eventually starts to appreciate that telling real love from precise lust us is way extra simply stated than performed.

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I wish I could have prevented her behavior. But I can’t. ” Anna opened her mouth to speak, but Margaret held up a restraining finger. “I don’t hold you responsible for that problem, Anna. I do hold you responsible for the way you handled it. Running to your sister’s aid and then departing with her was completely unacceptable. Not to mention out of line. Not to mention an embarrassment to this agency. ” Anna could feel her face redden. It didn’t happen very often. But it was equally rare for her to sit through such a dressing-down by an authority figure.

Which means he never loved me, Cammie thought, a catch in her throat. Fucking Anna. “God, this place sucks,” Sam said, edging her way over to them through the thick crowd. ” Cammie sighed with relief. Now that sounded more like the old Sam. Cammie raised one French-manicured finger and signaled the bartender for another round of drinks. He’d pretended to check their IDs, and of course they each had fake passports complete with stamps from Barbados and Antigua. But they could have flashed passes to Knott’s Berry Farm for all the scrutiny he gave them.

Maybe … we can have lunch tomorrow? ” Silence. ” “I’m here. Everything in the world tells me to say no, but okay. ” “How about … Jerry’s Deli? ” “Twelve thirty. ” The phone clicked off. As Anna powered it down, she realized that there was music coming from downstairs. Classical music. But she hadn’t left the CD player or radio on. And she doubted that Juanita or Consuela or any of the other half-dozen maids and cooks and bottle washers who looked after her father’s every need would have a sudden urge for a Chopin étude.

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