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Be Positive: A Guide for Managers (Better Management Skills) by Phil Clements

By Phil Clements

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1 the finance manager who failed to manage Julian is a finance manager for a company in the service sector. The company arranges tours to England for people in the Far East. He has responsibility for financial planning, managing the procurement and allocation of resources, and since his role involves a budget of several million pounds this automatically gives him a place in the ‘senior management team’. He has a small team of administrative staff who undertake a whole range of administrative functions including pay, overtime, purchasing, expenses and so on.

Then think about a time when you felt utterly worthless, everything was going wrong and your self-esteem was at a low ebb. Let these form the two ends of a scale where 1 represents your lowest self-esteem and 10 represents the highest self-esteem you have ever felt. Lowest self-esteem 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Highest self-esteem 8 9 10 Now, think about how you are at work at the moment. Where, on your personal scale of self-esteem, do you currently fall? Do the results indicate that you need to do some rebuilding work or are you all set to go for a positive attitude in your management?

For example, people who live very active and full lives may have a need to continue doing so even after they retire. These needs tend to motivate the individual to take action or behave in a way which will satisfy the need. drive Drive is closely related to need in that it refers to the strength of energy the person invests in fulfilling a need. Take as an example a career person who feels a strong need for power or success. The drive he or she demonstrates may be quite outside the experience of most ordinary people whose need for power or success is less sharply focused.

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