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Battlefield of the Mind for Teens: Winning the Battle in by Joyce Meyer

By Joyce Meyer

Made teen-friendly with modern language, BATTLEFIELD OF THE brain for youths equips a brand new viewers desperately wanting assistance with a method of profitable the conflict raging within them. obtain the unfastened Joyce Meyer writer app.

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It’s no wonder—you’re in a war. However, your war isn’t a conventional battle that can be fought with conventional weapons. Take a look at the scripture that begins this chapter. This warfare isn’t with other human beings. Not your arch nemesis at school. Not your teachers. Not your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Not even your parents. Your enemy is Satan himself, the ex-angel-turned-devil—and his demonic forces. ”) Satan’s coming after you with a carefully crafted plan of attack, one you might not even see coming.

Your thoughts become your life. So, choose life-affirming, life-generating thoughts. When you do, positive words and positive actions will follow. Live your life expecting the best, not fearing the worst. And remember that you are not alone. Keep telling yourself, “I won’t give up, because God is on my side. ” Remember forever this promise from the Bible: “The Lord is watching his children, listening to their prayers” (1 Peter 3:12 TLB). Don’t Give Up—A Mind Isn’t Built in a Day As you strive to persevere and think and act the right way, you will get discouraged sometimes.

He reprogrammed his entire approach to his sport. He changed his style, from that of a hard-swinging brawler to a technically precise tactician who specialized in strategy. He focused on well-placed jabs rather than wild haymakers. Tunney’s new scientific style served him well. He eventually earned a world championship bout with Jack “The Manassa Mauler” Dempsey, the most feared heavyweight of his day. Tunney took Dempsey apart. Twice. A brawler, Dempsey was frustrated by Tunney’s careful, deliberate style.

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