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Automated identification of Fos expression by Young D., Ma J.

By Young D., Ma J.

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Preservation of these cartilages usually requires that they be at least mineralized (calcified) during life. Aside from unusual environments of preservation, calcified vertebrae and cartilage fragments are the only common endoskeletal elements found in the Texas Cretaceous. placoid scales (dermal denticles); fin and head (cephalic) spines; rostra1 teeth (sawfishes and sawsharks) and oral teeth. Modem, and presumably ancient, sharks and rays also have fossilizable calcareous granules or statoliths within their otic (ear) capsules.

Strong -dienathic . heterodontv is illustrated in the upper and loucrrighrdentitionoitl~cniodern vxgill sharklIrxo,z~~kurgnreuc. ;hnu,n in the right dentition ,nu~s showc u e l l of the modern tlgcr shxk GnIeucrr~1,locuvier. lvenlleaml a J ~ ~ l l < l c n t i l l oDcnul n ~ . scxual hetemJg~ntv~ < w c lllu\trdtcd ll hv t h e o h v i # ~ u ~ differences hetueen malc and fcmalc rccth i n the stingray Dasgnris. Thr J;~shed\cntcal 11nc indicatei ihc posiliun ul the jaw symphysis. The Collector's Guide to Fossil Sharks and Raysfrom the Cretaceous of Texas 15 Shark and Ray Hard Parts Heterodonty The opposite of homodonty is heterodonty, which simply means tooth variation.

Heterodonty and Species Diversity The number of named species for some genera has been inflated because different tooth rowgroup positions, variations, ontogenetic stages and even pathologies were ascribed to new species and even new genera in some cases. There are at least sixtyfive nominal species defined on this basis for the Miocene great white shark Carcharoclesmegalodon (Agassiz) and over fifty species of the bat sting ray Myliobatis based on a highly variable dentition lacking few diagnostic characteristics.

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