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Architecture and Mathematics from Antiquity to the Future,

All ages and each tradition has depended on the incorporation of arithmetic of their works of structure to imbue the outfitted setting with which means and order. arithmetic can also be principal to the creation of structure, to its equipment of size, fabrication and research. This two-volume edited assortment offers a close portrait of the ways that probably assorted disciplines are interconnected. Over virtually a hundred chapters it illustrates and examines the connection among structure and mathematics...

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Starting with living branches and leaves, in groves or bowers, and then including loose grass and partially dressed timber, woven structures formed the basis for tents, screens and simple roofs. The first structures were created using felled trees as columns, arrayed in such a way that their forked joints created natural supports, and sized and spaced to achieve a consistent wall. These timber frames were the basis for 3 Mathematics in, of and for Architecture: A Framework of Types 37 Fig. 2 The primitive hut according to Cesariano’s edition of Vitruvius.

1 Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics 13 The act of measuring buildings is also the focus of ‘Calculation of Arches and Domes in Fifteenth-Century Samarkand’ (Chap. 20) by Yvonne Dold Samplonius. This chapter features a reading of the great mathematician al-Kashi’s work, Key of Arithmetic, an important text about the measurement of buildings. The techniques developed by al-Kashi were used to determine the surface area of vaults and domes in order to support the practical construction (and estimates of costs and materials) of architectural work.

Through this dual aetiological and teleological process the breadth of 1 “Well building hath three Conditions. Commoditie, Firmenes and Delight” (Wotton 1624: 1). 3 Mathematics in, of and for Architecture: A Framework of Types 35 approaches, applications and techniques—all symbolically represented by the pair of compasses in the frontispiece of the Bible Moralisee—is revealed. Myths of Architecture: An Aetiology A common practice in the historiography of many disciplines is to link the origins of ideas to specific incidents, either real or imagined.

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