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Analytical Planning. The Organization of System by Thomas L. Saaty

By Thomas L. Saaty

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Hierarchical synthesis is now used to weight the eigenvectors by the weights of the criteria and the sum is taken over all weighted eigenvector entries corresponding to those in the next lower level of the hierarchy. 8. The consistency of the entire hierarchy is found by multiplying each consistency index by the priority of the corresponding criterion and adding them together. The result is then divided by the same type of expression using the random consistency index corresponding to the dimensions of each matrix weighted by the priorities as before.

3. Define the overall objective—what problem are you trying to solve? ) Low productivity is not the problem; it is its manifestation. 4. ) Are these assumptions viable? If not, formulate new objectives. The Analytic Hierarchy Process 41 5. Determine biases or preconceived notions that might affect your definition of the problem. 6. Identify who will be affected by your definition of the problem. 7. Find out how they define the problem. Can you give them an opportunity to participate in constructing the hierarchy?

We also note that one does not measure widely disparate objects by the same yardstick. Short distances on a piece of paper are measured in centimeters, longer distances in a neighborhood in meters, and still larger ones in kilometers and even in light years. To make comparisons of the sizes of atoms with those of stars, people, in a natural fashion, insert between these extremes objects that gradually grow larger and larger. This transition enables one to discriminate among the orders of magnitude of measurement.

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