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Anabolic Steroids by H.-L. Krüskemper (Auth.)

By H.-L. Krüskemper (Auth.)

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A - a m i n o i s o b u t y r a t e - l - C ) by the levator ani muscle (229,230,1169). A modification of this method is suitable also for the m e a s u r e m e n t of protracted anabolic effects (1170). H e r s h b e r g e r et al. (38) calculate the myotropic-androgenic activity ratio for the individual steroids by using the following formula: 14 Weight of levator ani of treated animals Weight of the ventral „ , . prostate of treated animals . minus . 20. , the increased myotropic activity compared to that of testosterone) may be due to a reduced stimulation of the prostate or to an increased growth of the levator ani muscle.

K e n y o n et al. 5 gm. A simultaneous weight gain of the subjects w a s explained primarily as retention of water. L a t e r this opinion w a s corrected (274) by the finding that testosterone propionate c a u s e s a true inc r e a s e of extragenital tissue weight b e c a u s e of the proportional retention of p h o s p h o r u s , sulfur, and potassium. Following this initial observation by K e n y o n et al. (273), there a p p e a r e d many analogous reports a b o u t the nitrogen-retaining activity of testosterone (275), testosterone propionate (234, 2 7 6 - 2 7 8 ) , and 17a-methyltestostero n e (279,280) in healthy males and females and in m e n with h y p o gonadism.

After a few d a y s , it r e a c h e s a minimum, remains at this level for several d a y s , and then in spite of continued steroid administration, it rises again and soon r e a c h e s the original level (7,236,262). This wearing-off of the effect c a n n o t be delayed simply by a higher steroid dosage (242). T h e c a u s e of this p h e n o m enon is not yet clear. T h e time at which the effect w e a r s off is variable and d e p e n d s on the state of the experimental animals. In animals deficient either in androgen or protein, the wearing-off sets in considerably later than it does in healthy animals.

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