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American Survival Guide (September/October 2015)

Arrange your self kinfolk for whilst catastrophe moves. Step-by step directions on the best way to offer strength for your domestic, develop and shield your onw nutrition, arrange a first-aid package, make water drinkable.

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This exercise incorporates a biceps curl, shoulder press, core rotation, a medicine ball slam, an ab crunch and a body weight squat all in one, Alliano says. ) To perform a burpee, start in an upright position, and then squat down to the ground, with your hands on the ground like you’re going into a pushup position. Next, jump your feet back together, keeping your stomach tight to avoid injuring your back, so you’re in an armextended plank position. Then do a push-up, keeping the elbows to the side of the body.

5 6 AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015 A charcoal lighter basket allows you to get your charcoal started without lighter fluid. Just light some crumpled newspaper or other tinder in the bottom. GETTING STARTED Start with simple recipes, but don’t be afraid to experiment. The trickiest thing is learning to regulate the heat. Different types of wood can burn at different temperatures and rates. For that reason, it’s easiest to start with charcoal as your heat source. With charcoal, you can count the number of same-sized briquettes below and on top of your stove so you’re cooking at a consistent temperature.

After extensive testing of modern hollow handle designs, I can confidently assert they are strong enough to handle survival skills training and outdoor needs. There are some great leftovers from the ‘80s like Bon Jovi, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Nintendo, and added to this should be the hollow-handle knife. It isn’t a design for everyone but it may be the right one for you. Many Applications »The hollow-handle knife can be adapted for use by many occupations and for different recreation. Carried as first line survival gear (worn on the pants belt instead of the pistol belt) it provides the user with basic survival gear.

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