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Ad Nauseam by C. W. LaSart

By C. W. LaSart

Unique, Erotic, ugly and Gory!

What in case your Muse quite used to be a twisted complain, and he or she lived on your spare bed room? and the way a ways could you visit enhance your station in existence? during this superior assortment through C.W. LaSart, you'll find thirteen ugly stories of the macabre, from a simpleton who kinds an unnatural obsession together with his personal yard to a lonely lady whose suitor isn't really heaven-sent.

These tales, starting from the supernatural to the darkness that lives in the human center, are guaranteed to ship a sit back down your backbone and a flush for your face. absolute to disturb and pleasure, advert Nauseam is a stroll during the twisted mind's eye of 1 of horror's emerging stars.

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