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Abortion: opposing viewpoints by Mary E. Williams

By Mary E. Williams

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Many women 41 Abortion Frontmatter 2/26/04 3:34 PM Page 42 suffer post-abortion complications, such as severe muscle damage and damage to the uterine wall, which can lead to scarring, future miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and other future medical problems. In addition, induced abortion approximately triples the risk of suicide; women who carry full-term have about 1/2 the risk of suicide as the general female population. ” First, viability is not something which should be used to determine whether someone is “human enough” to have the right to live, since viability is based on medical science.

He also promoted the use of gas chambers in the death camps. ” Surely the fact that he didn’t “hate” his victims (if true) would make him no less guilty of monumental hate crimes. Did Slave Owners Hate Blacks? Slavery and the legacy of “Jim Crow” was also an extremely “hateful” form of genocide but slave-owner Thomas Jefferson rationalized that he “loved” his slaves. On Jefferson’s “kindness” toward them, author Virginius Dabney quotes 58 Abortion Frontmatter 2/26/04 3:34 PM Page 59 Edmund Bacon, overseer at Monticello from 1806 to 1822, in his book The Jefferson Scandals, A Rebuttal: “Mr.

I realize that it may be difficult to think of a threeweek old fetus as a human with rights. The way I think to best explain this is to start by going back to the sperm and the egg. Life Begins at Fertilization A sperm has 23 chromosomes, and no matter what, even though it is alive and can fertilize an egg, it can never make another sperm. An egg also has 23 chromosomes and it can never make another egg. So we have eggs and sperm that cannot reproduce. A solitary egg or a solitary sperm does not have the complete genetic code for a separate human being.

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