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A Vision of Murder by Victoria Laurie

By Victoria Laurie

Expert psychic Abby Cooper has invested in a fixer-upper, hoping to make a killing within the actual property industry. yet a killing of one other variety places her plans awry, because the ghost of a murdered girl and a few challenging poltergeists lead her right into a secret that stretches all of the as far back as global warfare II.


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When he’d worked for me on the renovation of my old house, he’d had one pace that I’d put somewhere just out of park and a little slower than snail, but suddenly, with the prospect of making a significant return on investment he was lit up and ready to go. “Call me later with a progress report,” I offered as I heard his truck door squeak open. “You got it,” he said and hung up. I left the realty office and headed back to Dutch’s, in no particular hurry to get back to playing nursemaid. I might be crazy about my boyfriend, but spending so much time together was beginning to wear on my last nerve.

Abby,” he said, drawing out my name with a sigh. “I do trust you, and I trust your gift. I know you think I ignored you, but the truth is that I did take your advice. I wore a vest—which I normally don’t do when meeting an informant—and because I took precautions and was ready for trouble, the guy only managed to pop me in the rear. See? ” “No,” I argued moodily. ” With a grunt Dutch leaned over the side of his bed and worked the hinge to lower the metal bars. When they were down he reached over to me and pulled me to him, forcing me to sit down.

So I began to relax a little. Just then, Dutch reached for the light switch and flooded the narrow staircase with light. I came around him to get a better view when a sudden burst of fluttering movement came straight at us up the staircase, and began to flap its wings over my head. Scared out of my mind I dropped to the ground and covered my head, screaming. A moment later I felt Dutch’s hands on my arms as he shook me and yelled, “Abby! ” I stopped screaming and looked up into midnight blues that were dancing with merriment.

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